We desire to extend our mission beyond the confines of our offices. Through our educational outreach and media-based programs (e.g. radio, TV, Internet), we provide information, tools, and resources to help the public more fully live the vocation to love as well as prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. We can draw from faith, science, and clinical experience to customize our presentation for your group or organization. We’re readily equipped to speak on a variety of topics.

Attachment  •  Childhood Development  •  Adolescence  •  Vocation/Identity/Purpose  •  Mental Health  •  Catholic Anthropology  •  Parenting  •  Promoting Emotional & Behavioral Health in Children  •  Moral and Spiritual Development  •  Marriage  •  Marriage Preparation  •  Family Life  •  Relationships  •  Communication  •  Social Media and Technology  •  Sexuality  •  Gender  •  Cohabitation  •  Divorce  •  Theology of the Body  •  Homosexuality  •  Pornography  •  Sex Addiction  •  Psychotherapy  •  Self-Image


For graduate students aspiring to join our ranks, we offer clinical training opportunities. We’re also eager to join with our fellow mental health professionals to explore opportunities for professional development and mutual support.