As professional psychologists, we are equipped to provide comprehensive psychological evaluations. We strive to use the best psychological instruments available to us and employ a multi-faceted approach, yielding a broad and deep understanding of the person. We provide several kinds of psychological assessments in order to generate personalized recommendations suited for your particular needs.


When a man or a woman desires to pursue a priestly or religious vocation, a psychological evaluation is often a required step. The purpose of this evaluation is not only to screen for problems but even more importantly to understand the human strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This information can help in discerning whether now is the right time to pursue this vocation, whether a particular candidate is well-suited for a particular way of life, and provide important guidance for the candidate’s ongoing formation.

At RWPS, we approach this work informed by a Catholic view of the person, a respect for the sacredness of priestly and religious vocations, and exceptional psychological rigor. Our team has participated in extensive training, formation, and collaboration with Church officials and professional experts to hone our approach to conducting these vocational evaluations.  In addition to our attention to all relevant Church norms, we employ a team-approach to these psychological evaluations.  This enables us to incorporate the impressions and conclusions of multiple professionals to ensure the greatest possible accuracy.

We invite candidates and Vocations Directors to contact us so that we can discuss how we can put our professionalism and passion for supporting vocations at the service of the Church.


Sometimes we know that we are struggling with something, but we can’t seem to figure out what it is. At times, other health professionals or clergy may even suggest that a psychological problem may be present but greater clarity is needed. For adults, we employ proven psychological techniques and state of the art tools to perform comprehensive psychological evaluations to clarify personality dynamics and any applicable diagnoses all based in a holistic Catholic vision of the human person. We strive to contemplate with you the mystery of your personhood. We can use this information to help guide and enhance your therapy or simply to help you gain perspective and find solutions for difficulties occurring at home, school, work, and beyond.


When children and adolescents experience difficulties at school, it can be challenging to discern the precise nature of the problem. We are equipped to provide comprehensive psychoeducational testing for attention, academic and learning disorders, and an array of behavioral and emotional issues. The information from these evaluations can provide great insight into your child’s struggles at school and how to overcome them.  The goal is to identify the most relevant factors contributing to your child’s difficulties with accuracy and precision. Through a comprehensive report and feedback on test results, we provide practical recommendations for parents and teachers about how they can improve a child’s learning experience.

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