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Dr. Andrew Sodergren featured as subject matter expert in content offered by Identity Project

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Theology of the Body Articles

Read a series of articles summarizing the heart of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and its importance in today’s world.

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, a Surprising Place to find TOB
– Emily Dowdell, Psy.D.

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We have offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

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Ruah Woods Psychological Services
Cincinnati & Dayton

Our Mission

The mission of Ruah Woods Psychological Services is to develop and provide services that integrate the best of psychological science and the truths of the Catholic faith in our local Cincinnati/Dayton area– empowering men and women to more fully embrace and live out their vocation to love according to God’s plan.

We seek to provide exceptional psychological services based on a Catholic view of the human person to have stronger relationships, more peace, and confidence. You can begin this part of your journey in a beautiful, private, outpatient setting.

Our Services


Our work is to journey with people experiencing a variety of emotional, behavioral, psychological, and interpersonal difficulties. Drawing on solid professional training integrating faith and science, our practice employs established psychological methods infused with a Catholic vision of the human person.


As professional psychologists, we are equipped to provide comprehensive psychological evaluations. We strive to use the best psychological instruments available to us and employ a multi-faceted approach, yielding a broad and deep understanding of the person.


We desire to extend our mission of helping men and women embrace and live out their vocation to love beyond the confines of our offices through speaking engagements and writing projects. Whether in person, radio, TV, online, or in print, we blend a Catholic vision of the human person and the best of psychological science to provide insight, tools, and resources.


We’re available on a consultative basis to empower religious and professional organizations to help solve particular issues. Our practice of walking alongside with advice and support from a holistic perspective can often help individuals and groups more effectively live their mission.