Our work is to journey with people experiencing a variety of emotional, behavioral, psychological, and interpersonal difficulties. Drawing on solid professional training integrating faith and science, our practice employs established psychological methods. We collaborate with you through reflection, counsel, deep connection and support to reaffirm your dignity and to help you embrace your vocation to love.


Raising kids is one of the most challenging – and important – callings in life. Sometimes as parents, it is hard to tell if a child’s or adolescent’s difficult behaviors are simply a “phase” that they will grow out of, or something that requires assistance from professionals. We provide psychotherapy to children and families in order to address problems and also strengthen parent-child bonds. The initial consultation is aimed at clearly understanding the difficulty – whether it be behavioral, social, emotional, or school-related or spiritual – and recommending a course of treatment. We often seek to partner with parents – recognizing the essential role you play in your child’s healing process.


We all have times in our lives when we don’t seem to be at our best. Perhaps you have had a setback of some kind. Or perhaps you find yourself stuck in the same rut again and again. Maybe there is some past hurt that still haunts you, keeping you from fully embracing the life God has in store for you. Whatever the case may be, we are here to listen and accompany you on your journey.

In adult psychotherapy, we seek to accept you as you are and collaborate with you to understand how your experiences in life – especially in relationships – have gotten you to where you are now. We can then work together to help you overcome obstacles that keep you from becoming who you were created to be and thereby embracing your vocation to love.


As Catholic psychotherapists, we view the Sacrament of Marriage as a sacred bond between spouses in which the “two become one flesh.” Despite this reality, growing in love for one another in the midst of everyday stress can be difficult. We help married couples repair and strengthen their relationship bonds through marital therapy. We empower couples to love one another more freely by “getting to the heart of the matter” – identifying negative cycles in the marital relationship, helping spouses learn more positive and rewarding ways of communicating, and deepening their emotional bond.


How many of the problems we face as adults have to do with relationships? Difficulties with shyness, loneliness, conflict, fears of abandonment, difficulties with intimacy, and so on abound in the lives of many adults. Even worse, many of these problems seem to follow us around from place to place and relationship to relationship.

We believe that Group Psychotherapy can provide a powerful remedy. Through Group, you can unlearn the bad relational habits you have picked up over the years, learn new relational habits to aid your success with others, grow more secure as a person, and deepen your capacity for love. If that wasn’t enough, you get to play a privileged role in the healing of other Group members as well.

At RWPS we provide professional, confidential Group Therapy focused on helping to improve your relational abilities. Contact us today to set up an appointment to see if Group is right for you.