At RWPS, our mission is to help men and women grow in their vocation to love according to God’s plan.  As John Paul II taught us, it is the communion of persons achieved through a sincere gift of self that enables men and women to truly find themselves and fulfill the meaning of their existence. Thus, we see the ability to give and receive mature, Christian love as central to psychological health. Of course, we need God’s grace to love in this way, but as Catholic tradition has always taught, grace builds on nature, and human nature is shaped by experience.  We strive to help all those whom we serve understand their experiences more deeply so as to overcome obstacles in giving and receiving mature love and thereby attain greater freedom, fulfillment, and joy.


Wherever you are in your journey, wherever you have been, or whatever you have experienced, we believe you are made in God’s image and possess an inestimable dignity.  We strive to uphold this dignity in all we do.  Our hope is that you will experience our unwavering affirmation of your dignity in every interaction with us.  Indeed, we desire to help all those we serve grow in appreciation of their own dignity as beloved sons and daughters of God while deeply respecting the freedom and uniqueness of each person.


Within this broad view of the human person, our team of mental health professionals strives to utilize the best of psychological science to bring understanding, freedom, joy, and peace to all we serve.  Our professional services address a variety of challenges and problems including:

Addictions • Anger Problems • Anxiety • Behavioral Problems • Body Image • Child Development • Communication • Compulsive Behavior • Crisis Intervention • Depression • Discipline and Child-Rearing • Emotional Problems • Emptiness • Family Life • Fear • Grief & Loss • Identity Issues • Loneliness • Marital Problems • Meaning & Purpose • Mood Disorders • Obsessive Thoughts • Panic • Parenting • Personality Disorders • Post Abortion Stress • Post Traumatic Stress • Pre-marital Counseling • Psychological Testing • Relationship Problems • Spiritual Issues • School Adjustment and Success • Self-Harm • Sexual Issues • Stress Management • Stress Reduction • Vocational Assessment • Work-Related Problems

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