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Ruah Woods Psychological Services is Growing!

Ruah Woods Psychological Services is Growing!

Things are changing, at this little haven on the West Side of Cincinnati; they are going from great to even better. At Ruah Woods Psychological Services (RWPS), the mission is not only to provide sound psychological services to the Greater Cincinnati area but to be firmly rooted in our Catholic faith. This mission has called us to grow our efforts to reach those in need.

To answer this call, the RWPS team has expanded by bringing on two new Catholic Psychology Residents, Dr. Joseph Molitor and Dr. Michael Murphy. “The addition of Dr. Molitor and Dr. Murphy enables us to expand our offerings so that we can serve more of God’s people in the Cincinnati area,” says RWPS director, Dr. Andrew Sodergren.

Indeed, Dr. Sodergren is overjoyed with these new additions. “Bringing Dr. Molitor and Dr. Murphy into the practice blesses me with the wonderful opportunity to mentor and guide these young professionals as they work to become Catholic psychologists in the fullest sense.”

And the excitement does not just come from Ruah Woods side. Dr. Molitor said, “I am excited to be back working here after two years. It’s good to be working with people who share something so essential to my identity.” Dr. Murphy is also happy to come onboard saying, “I know I am in the right place.”

Both, Dr. Molitor and Dr. Murphy, are dedicated to keeping their practice of psychology deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. “In order to really address people’s suffering we have to understand the end that they are called to, what is their purpose, and where their ultimate destiny is” said Dr. Molitor. “If what we are doing is not consistent with that ultimate end, then it is going to fail.”

RWPS therapists are united in the belief that the need for psychological help is commonplace, even among Catholics and other committed Christians. “We all struggle in various ways and go through periods of time when we need some extra help to understand ourselves and work with God’s grace to heal and strengthen our fallen human nature” said Dr. Sodergren. Dr. Molitor seconds that notion. “Catholic psychology isn’t just for people who are broken, crippled or hopeless cases. We all have our struggles and not one is greater than the other.”

What makes the RWPS approach unique is the focus on helping people more fully live out their vocation to love, by overcoming obstacles, and learning how to give and receive love in relationship with God and others. “Simply, we want to help people be more free to be their best selves and faithfully fulfill the vocation God has given them,” says Dr. Sodergren.

Dr. Sodergren and his two new colleagues are pleased to serve adults, children, adolescents, married couples, and families; priests, religious, and laity. They welcome and serve anyone regardless of their religious background. Nonetheless, “We want everyone to know that we strive to operate from a Catholic understanding of the human person in all we do,” says Dr. Sodergren.

While each member of the RWPS clinical staff can work with a wide range of individuals, each also has specific gifts and talents that they hope to contribute to the Ruah Woods family. For Dr. Molitor, that involves helping couples and families. “I really have a passion for helping marriage and families. That is where, I believe, the Catholic revival will start.” Dr. Murphy hopes to contribute his writing skills to the practice, perhaps through an RWPS blog, in hopes to provide help to a broader audience. However, his deepest passion is in working with people in therapy, heart to heart. “I want patients to know that in therapy, I let them go at the speed that is comfortable for them, and I am prepared for whatever comes our way.”

For those considering our services, Dr. Murphy adds one final encouragement: “Don’t be afraid to take a risk.”

For more information on the providers of Ruah Woods Psychological Services visit the Providers Page and check for their availability.


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