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Behind the Edifice and Under Construction

Have you ever had that book that just keeps coming up in your life? Maybe someone suggests it, and then you see it at the bookstore, and then your favorite podcast brings it up again? Maybe the universe just wants you to read it? I doubt it though, since the universe is a cold, infinite […]

Our Thoughts About Feelings

“Feelings? Yea, I try to ignore those as much as possible.” “Feelings? You want some? I got way too many!” “Emotions? I’m more of a rational person. I don’t give in to emotions.” “What’s my gut reaction? I could tell you, but my reaction is wrong. I don’t trust it most of the time.” I’ve […]

Getting Unstuck in your Marriage

When is the right time for marital therapy? When is the best time to commit the appropriate resources and seek a professional for help with marital problems? These don’t seem like questions that spouses ask themselves very often, and for understandable reasons. Similar to those who might consider individual therapy, married couples want to work […]

Dealing with Family During the Holidays

“You are coming over, right?” A lot of proclamations are made about Christmas time. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” “It’s magical and joyous!” “It’s a hectic time… there’s so much to do!” “It brings up painful memories I’d rather forget.” “It’s the time when folks feel coerced to visit their insane family!” […]

Untangling Things

If Catholic and Christian therapists have one primary advantage over secular therapists, it has to be that we have the privilege of knowing that in order to be truly successful with our patients, we must form and reform our lives around spiritual dependency on God’s love. I know, anyway, that there’s no other way I […]