Ruah Woods Collaborates with the Identity Project

Ruah Woods is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Identity Project.

Dr. Andrew Sodergren was invited to record and contribute to the library of videos from leading experts discussing the human person and sexuality. Mass confusion about “gender,” the body, humanity, & sexuality have devastating consequences, especially for young people.   How do you hold to sanity and truth while loving those who are lost, confused, and even self-deceived? The Identity Project aims to equip you to lovingly respond to broken and hurting people in their struggle with sexuality, “gender,” and identity.  The Identity Project contains over 150 videos (and growing monthly) featuring experts in parenting, psychology, psychiatry, theology, education, and law among many others. The Identity Project is designed for parents, grandparents, ministry leaders, teachers, & anyone trying to navigate these issues with truth, wisdom, & faith.

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